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Our Farming Family & Local Communities

You're helping coffee farmers build Homes & Start Literacy Programs


Beginning with Rolyn and Lorena Garcia in Nicaragua, Guadalupe Roastery is now actively pursuing direct trade relationships with farmers in Uganda and Colombia. Paying around 80+ Cents More Per Pound Than Fair Trade and forging a new type of relationship with coffee farmers.

Our mission is to empower farmers to support themselves, their families and their communities by viewing through a collaborative partnership with you, the consumer, we want you to be as close to the farmers as possible.

Rolyn, Lorena, and their farmers have completed a house, a literacy program, and a chicken coop thanks to your commitment to their coffee. Next on the agenda is a school! Watch the video to see the new kitchen and home that have been built on the farm. Thank you all for supporting the farmers in Nicaragua through Guadalupe Roastery!


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How does it work?

Can’t get enough of Guadalupe Roastery coffee? Join our coffee subscription program and get your favorite single origin roast delivered straight to your door every month. We’ve taken care of all the complicated parts so that you no longer have to go to the store or run out of coffee again!

(1) Simple select a country of origin & how much coffee you would like delivered to your doorstep, (2) then select favorite Guadalupe roast and grind (whole bean or ground), (3) how often you’d like it shipped (every two weeks or monthly), and we’ll do the rest.

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Thinking about starting your own coffee brand

Try Private Labeling our Beans

When you choose private label coffee, we fresh roast your directly sourced wholesale coffee then package it with the custom private label packaging that you’ve provided us. From there the specialty coffee is exclusively branded to your business, packaged and shipped directly to you or your wearhouse! Our Private label services are generally offered only to water bottle companies, food related commercial, churches, online re-sellers, retail businesses including coffee shops, retail stores, grocery stores, etc., that sell direct-to-consumers. 

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How did we get started?

Filled with a desire for more than a corporate life could offer him, Brad Fassbender, fresh out of the finance field, left it all behind to become a missionary in Honduras. He spent his time serving the poor, particularly the coffee farmers. Seeing how the farmers were being exploited for their hard work, Brad began developing the idea of buying coffee directly from the local coffee growers in an effort to raise their income and quality of life. From there it was history, Brad became lifelong friends with Rolyn and Lorena Garcia in Nicaragua and Guadalupe has since directly purchased over 54,000 lbs of coffee from their local farm alone!

Directly Support Our Farmers & Victims of Human Trafficking