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Can’t get enough of Guadalupe Roastery coffee? Join our coffee subscription program and get your favorite single origin roast delivered straight to your door every month. We start by sending you a tasting kit, which includes a collection of 4 oz. coffee bags for you to try. Once you’ve picked out your favorite, you can setup a customized plan to get your coffee delivered to you however often you like. On top of that, our subscription program gives you an opportunity to make a difference in the world. Part of the proceeds for our subscription program will be donated to one of our non-profit affiliates that you choose. Make a difference while enjoying your favorite cup of Guadalupe Roastery coffee.

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Beginning with Rolyn and Lorena Garcia in Nicaragua, Guadalupe Roastery is now actively pursuing direct trade relationships with farmers in Honduras, Uganda, Peru, Colombia and the Congo. Paying around 80 cents more per pound than Fair Trade and forging a new type of relationship with coffee farmers, Guadalupe Roastery looks to empower farmers to support themselves, their families and their communities by viewing them as partners. One day, Brad and his company hope to be partnering with as many coffee growers as they can in order to bring families and communities out of poverty, while offering the highest quality coffee beans from around the world.

We Love What We Do

Filled with a desire for more than a corporate life could offer him, Brad Fassbender, fresh from a finance internship, left it all behind to become a missionary in Honduras. He spent his time serving the poor, particularly the coffee farmers. Seeing how the farmers were being exploited for their hard work, Brad began developing the idea of buying coffee directly from the local coffee growers in an effort to raise their income and quality of life.

  • Helping our farmers start a local Poultry Project
  • Supporting over a literacy program in Nicaragua
  • Building relationships with farmers in Uganda.

When it comes to changing lives, there are two main schools of thought for going about it, look around for someone to help or do something that will change someone's life. Guadalupe has taken the second option and lives have been changed. 


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