Where in The World Are The Fassbenders Going?

In case you missed it… we’re moving! There’s been lots of speculation about where we’re going so, even though we don’t have an exact location yet, I’ll fill you in on what we do know.

I’m thrilled to tell you that we are on the hunt for the perfect place for our new homestead, which I lovingly call “Fassbender Farm.”

Don’t worry Wisconsin compadres, it will most definitely be in America’s dairyland!

Why, you ask?

While we’re sad to be leaving the awesome community of Ave Maria, we are so looking forward to our return to Wisconsin! We have twenty nieces and nephews there, 5 godchildren, our parents, grandparents, siblings and memories galore!

Honestly, we just can’t stand to be away from these people…


and these people much longer!



Our children are looking forward to playing in the snow,


Having campfires with Nana


More snuggles from Papa,

Fearlessly swimming in LAKES,


and playing with their cousins.


If you remember my first blog post, then you know that I’ve (not so secretly) been longing for a little hobby farm. I have always wanted to be a farmer. When asked as a child what I’d like to be when I grew up, I would easily respond, “A farmer and a mom.” Apart from a short period of time in which I wanted to be Mia Hamm, this was a very consistent response and remains true today.

God has blessed me with motherhood thrice now and, while we’ll likely have more children, it seems about time we add some of these

and maybe one of these

to the family.

So, if you happen to know of a nice little farm for sale in Wisconsin, be sure to let us know. 😉

And yes, we are also going abroad! Before we move back to Wisconsin, we are taking our kids on one heck of a homeschool field trip!

We are making our first stop in Ireland with plans for possible visits to Spain and Poland.

I have never been anywhere in Europe before, so this will be a great experience for me too! We have some media productions brewing in these locations, so stay tuned.

What does this all mean for the roastery?

Good things! Many of our current orders come from Wisconsin and we may be able to provide better service to these customers if we set up a co-op or a new branch of the roastery there. The headquarters will always remain here in Immokalee, FL, giving us good reason to visit frequently. The Pinters will be in charge of operations here. We hope to keep growing in this way and have a real presence in even more locations across the globe.

For all our Guadalupe Coffee drinkers, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers while you sip your morning brew. We promise to do the same for you. Solidarity people, it’s what we’re all about!



wife/mother/blogger/farm-girl at heart

4 replies
  1. Chris Gordon
    Chris Gordon says:

    Carpe diem! So many good reasons to hit the road. There will always be a unsettled hole at Ave Maria until you return (even to visit). We will keep the GR flag raised here, you go plant another one somewhere else. Heck, go plant a bunch of them. Thank you for being an example of faith to us all. God bless your family.

  2. Abby Bonnet
    Abby Bonnet says:

    Hi Teresa it’s Abby. I enjoy your blog. And I’m just getting into coffee so I think I will order! Anyways there is a little farm at that just came up for sale on County Road E somewhat by my house on the north side of Appleton if you have any interest I could get you a phone number it has a three car detached garage a cute little farmhouse probably needs remodeling still has the silo and assuming some land. Just passed the YMCA going towards freedom.

  3. Alicia Rendon
    Alicia Rendon says:

    We feel truly blessed to have met you and your family, and know this will not be the end! God has wonderful plans for you, and we will continue to pray for you guys as your next chapter in life comes to full bloom! Know that you always have a place to stay in Ave!


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