Hello and happy 2018! We’ve got a lot of things brewing this year at Guadalupe Roastery. I think 2018 is going to shape up to be a pretty tremendous year with lots of new adventures!

Someone ought to blog about it, don’t you think?

Well, I’ve decided to make that my New Year’s Resolution!

The blog, with the new title, What’s Brewing, will give you a sneak peak into the goings on at Guadalupe Roastery and into our family’s journey through it all.

If you’re a member of the Coffee Club, you already receive the Brewing Bulletin each month, which is a great way to learn about the farmers we’re working with and to stay connected to other Coffee Club members. This blog, will be a different way to stay connected. My hope is that, through it, you can feel like you’re really a partner in this mission with us – because you are!

It’s not just for Coffee Club Members either, feel free to share it.

Brad’s biggest wish this year is to be able to quit his corporate job – don’t tell his boss 😉

While it has given our family a major sense of security during the startup of GR, we are hoping that this is the year he can leave it behind and really focus on his dream with this coffee company!

My dream? To become a farm girl of course – hey, it could happen!

I’m taking my motto for the year from none other than the brave and faithful St. Joan of Arc

So that’s what’s brewing at Guadalupe Roastery.  Oh, and some delicious Ethiopian coffee of course. What’s brewing at your house?

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Until next time,


wife/mother/blogger/hopeful farm-girl 😉