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From our family to yours

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The Direct Impact of Your Purchase

a cup of coffee can change the world.

Our Farmer Family

Your purchase has directly impacted our farming family down in Nicaragua. Every $1 spent on Guadalupe Coffee helps Roland and Lorena hire coffee farmers from around their community, employing people who otherwise may not have had such consistent work. In addition, because of your support Guadalupe is able to pay .80c above fair trade per pound.

The Common Good

Your purchase has empowered our farmers to be able to live the life they have always wanted! Our farmers are able to do what they love, grow, harvest, and sell the world's best coffee to consumers around the globe. You are partaking in The Common Good, which, is defined as the sum total of social conditions that allow people, either as groups or as individuals, to reach their fulfillment in its entirety. This is what we strive to uphold.  


Your purchase has helped our world be better stewards of creation, we are called to preserve the earth through maintaining a balanced environment, stopping the exploitation of farmers and recycling. Furthermore, because of your support our farmers are able to build homes, and poultry farms for their families, and community.

Promotion of Beauty

Your purchase has helped in the furthering of beauty through literacy. Thanks to your support our farmers have been able to start a literacy program that has enabled and empowered the youth of Nicaragua to read and write for the first time. At Guadalupe Roastery we believe that beauty takes one out of oneself, and allows for a reflection on creation.

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