Guadalupe Uganda

Great Partnerships continued

After Tom and Paula got involved with Guadalupe Roastery and we started direct trade with Rolyn and Lorena in Nicaragua, we started seeing more and more growth. Things were moving in the right direction. We also started making connections with other folks in the small town of Ave Maria, FL. One of them was Fr Joseph Lugalambi, a priest from Uganda who was studying for his PHD at Ave Maria University.

Fr. Lugalambi is one of the most genuinely joyful persons I have ever met. I am so very grateful for the opportunity to have gotten to know him. He talked a great deal about his home country and it was clear how much he loves Uganda and her people; how much he cares for his local community. Brad started meeting with Fr. Lugalambi to learn about his mission in Uganda. They did this short video together. Things on the Uganda front moved slow until we were eventually introduced to some Ave Maria University students, alumni, and entrepreneurs. These young people are part of an investment group called Blackstripe Ventures and they were very attracted to the Guadalupe Roastery Catholic value system, being Catholics themselves. As Providence would have it, one of the Blackstripe members, Michael and some of the creative folks on Guadalupe’s marketing team were also friends with Fr. Joseph Lugalambi. The marketing team’s desire to help make an impact with the poor community that Father Lugalambi ministers to in Uganda motivated them to coordinate a marketing campaign around this project to create a way for the very generous Guadalupe Roastery customers to donate directly to Father’s mission in Uganda on our website. Since this was started, our Guadalupe customers have sent enough money to Uganda to build a school! At the heart of it all, Guadalupe Roastery is a Catholic company and that guides our decision making. We are happy to have fellow Catholics in Blackstripe Ventures as investors and partners in this company and we are so grateful to be connected with Father Lugalambi. By working with Father Lugalambi, Guadalupe Roastery’s mission is much more complete. As lay people, being connected to our priests’ Sacrament of Holy Orders, helps give us instruction to our work.

Students from Uganda giving thanks to Guadalupe Roastery’s customers