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Coffee Tastes Better At Home,

Coffee tea bags were inspired by our love of pour overs. Ultimately, a pour over is simply a method of passing hot water through a “single serve” amount of coffee grinds held inside of an open paper filter.

The ratio for the perfect balance of coffee & water is called the “Golden Ratio.” This ratio was developed by the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) to ensure the best cup of coffee or The Golden Cup Standard. The SCAA defines 10 grams or 0.36 oz. per 6-oz cup as the proper measure for brewed coffee using the American standards.

At Guadalupe, we have spent a lot of time determining that we need to go beyond the SCCA, so every Guadalupe Coffee Tea Bag has .5oz+ of coffee which is enough for a strong cup of directly sourced goodness.


We ask that if you love it, share it, and tag @GuadalupeRoastery … after you try the sampler we’d love to have you as a subscriber!

Directly Sourced –  Our coffee is sourced directly from our farming family, down in Nicaragua. Every purchase helps support the local community and its initiatives.

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4 Bags, 6 Bags, 12 Bags, 16 Bags

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Med/Light, Dark

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Coffee Tea Bags - Directly Sourced

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