Private Label with Guadalupe

Guadalupe Roastery is a premier private label coffee company. We help you grow craft brands of all sizes, with exceptional coffee roasting and packaging services. We can roast and grind coffee according to your exact specifications. Our process has been streamlined to provide your brand with shelf-ready private label traditional coffee bags or 5lb package.  Flexibility is important, which is why we offer order minimums starting at 100 pounds of coffee and high volume capacity of 1 million pounds annually.

Full Service Plan

Once you’ve selected one of our directly sourced brands, we’ll precisely package to your exact specifications. We can package your coffee blend with custom branding into 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, 14oz, 16oz, or 5lbs bags facility, and we can develop and package your custom coffee in weeks.

  • Light Roast: From South America featuring flavor notes of citrus, chocolate, and cream
  • Medium Roast: From Colombia or South America with tastes of nuts, grapefruit, and oak
  • Medium-Dark Roast: From Central & South America highlighting local flavors of malt, brown sugar, and hazelnut
  • Dark Roast: From South America with a directly sourced inspired roast from the mountains of Nicaragua
  • Organic Roast: From Uganda with savory flavors featuring organic peanut butter, 
  • Decaf Roast: From Colombia invoking, baking tastes like malt, caramel, and sweet nuts

Interested in private labeling for your

Sampler Packs

Private label bean ordered for your Personal Brand. The package comes with artisan roasting to your exact specifications, your branding, and packaged in 2oz, or 4oz sampler packs. 

We are first and foremost direct coffee roasters. Your specialty grade private label coffee order is fresh roasted on-demand, packaged and shipped directly to your food-related commercial company, church, online shop, retail businesses including coffee shops, retail stores, grocery stores, etc., that sell direct-to-consumers. 

Try our coffee jellies or coffee tea bags

Coffee Jelly: a refreshing Nicaraguan treat! Perfect for any breakfast, jam with a jolt … our favorite way to serve it is with toast, or if you’re interested in a desert, enjoy it with frozen whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

Coffee Tea Bags: The perfect way to start your day, enjoy a delicious directly sourced coffee tea bag, hand crafted by our roasters. With a balance of cocoa and a hint of fruit we promise you won’t be disappointed. For best results, pour over 8 oz of hot water per Steeped Bag. 

Just need a roasting & packaging partner?

When you choose private label coffee, we fresh roast your directly sourced beans (or your beans), then package it with the custom private label packaging that you’ve provided us. From there the specialty coffee is exclusively branded to your business, packaged and shipped directly to you or your wearhouse! Our Private label services are generally offered only to water bottle companies, food related commercial, churches, online re-sellers, retail businesses including coffee shops, retail stores, grocery stores, etc., that sell direct-to-consumers. 

Custom Private Label or Your Packaging

  • Will you need coffee shipped to your organization on a regular basis or just a one bulk order?
Interested in trying the coffee before you Private Label it? Contact us today for a FREE consultation! Or call us for a free sample of our coffee (484)-944-4441.