Guadalupe Roastery purchases entire harvest from Nicaraguan Farm

12,000 Pounds of Single Farm, Single-origin, Organic, Small-batch Roasted, Speciality-grade Coffee!

Support farmers by purchasing Guadalupe Roastery Coffee.

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In 2012, while attending the Ave Maria University – Latin America campus, Rolyn Garcia met Lorena Altamirano. Rolyn was studying philosophy and business, Lorena was studying business and marketing. As they got to know each other, their mutual passions led to soaring dreams of what they could accomplish together. They began dating that year, and married shortly after they had both graduated.

Though they had the opportunity to move to the United States to work and start their new life together, Rolyn and Lorena chose a different path. They both agreed that they wanted to use their personal gifts and talents to help serve the poor in Nicaragua. Lorena had grown up on her father’s coffee farm and had spent her early life helping work in almost job on the farm. And so, Rolyn and Lorena bought some land next to her dad’s farm and began growing coffee to help provide a better future for the people in their community.

Through Paul Rush, another Ave Maria alumni, Rolyn and Lorena were introduced to Brad Fassbender, the founder of Guadalupe Roastery. At the time, Brad was purchasing coffee to roast through brokers, but wanted to be in a direct relationship with the farmers growing the beans. Rolyn and Brad began to talk, and in August 2017 Brad mad his first direct purchase of Rolyn’s coffee.

This was a dream come true for Rolyn and Lorena as Brad was able to pay a much better price than the other conventional ways of trading coffee. This also fulfilled Brad’s dream as Guadalupe Roastery was now in direct relationship with its farmers.

In November, Brad and his business partner, Tom, decided to go meet Rolyn and Lorena on their farm in the mountains of Nicaragua. In their time there, the dream of truly doing business differently became even clearer to Brad and Tom. They realized they were not just writing and signing a contract, they were forming business relationships in trust. Rolyn and Lorena’s passion for serving their community left a lasting impact on both Brad and Tom. They knew they wanted to help more, so Brad and Tom decided to purchase Rolyn and Lorena’s entire 2017-2018 crop of 12,000lbs of coffee beans.

This means that more money is going directly to Rolyn and Lorena, who can, in turn, build up their community’s access to education and healthcare. One of the immediate goals of Rolyn, Lorena, Brad. and Tom is to build a one or two room school to help the children in the community learn how to read and write. This is what making the decision to do business differently can do.

When you purchase from Guadalupe Roastery, your cup of coffee is one degree removed from the farmers who produced it. Your money goes directly to the farmers, their families, and the community, to help bring people out of poverty. Just by changing out your cup of coffee, you can change the world.

You may purchase a subscription to Nicaraguan Coffee as well as purchase other varieties of products in our online store. However, for a limited time, we would like to invite you to partner with us in supporting Rolyn and Lorena by purchasing 3 lbs at a discounted rate. This special offer will include FREE shipping!