If You Build It, Rolyn Garcia Will Come…

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One of movies that remains with the American psyche is “Field of Dreams.” It was a movie that touched the core of the human spirit – a movie that brought hope. Kevin Costner’s character, Ray, inspired us all. Ray went against contemporary logic and acted on a belief and vision he had. The voice, “if you build it, they will come” was real to Ray, so real that he could even see it. Against all odds, he built it and they came.

Guadalupe Roastery is its own “field of dreams” in a way. We are building a dream. A dream that is going to have an impact on a lot of people’s lives, not only right here in Florida and the USA, but for people all over the coffee producing regions of the world.

This month will mark the first direct coffee bean purchase from a farm in Nicaragua. This means a more personal business relationship and more money directly in the farmers’ hands.  The farmer we are directly working with is Rolyn Garcia. Rolyn grows some of the best specialty coffee in Nicaragua. He is an expert in his field.  With Guadalupe Roastery’s collaboration, Rolyn will share and demonstrate his knowledge with 30 other small coffee farmers who are located nearby Guadalupe Gardens – a missionary center and partner of Guadalupe Roastery. The Guadalupe Gardens missionary hub will serve as a headquarters where these local farmers can meet and learn from Rolyn and other experts producing high quality specialty coffee in Nicaragua.

This effort could have a huge impact on the lives and well-being of these coffee farmers and their families. Over the course of each coffee season, they will be harvesting a higher quality bean, which directly impacts the price they can get for their product. When you purchase Guadalupe coffee, you know that your purchase will directly impact coffee farmers’ lives. After all, Guadalupe Roastery is Coffee for the Common Good.

You can buy the Nicaraguan coffee here:

Below – see our appeal to customers to help us buy beans in bulk from Rolyn Garcia!

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