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Welcome to Nicaragua & Our Farm

Location in the mountains of Matagalpa, Nicaragua our farmers Rolyn & Lorena own over 170 acres of some of the most natural and untouched land in the world 1200 mtrs over sea level. This is important because our coffee needs rich soil, a temperate climate with sun and rain, and elevation—the higher the better. 

Every season new seeds are planted

by Rolyn and his farming community

Time to plant

Our farmers first plant the seeds in large beds in shaded nurseries. After a few months, they transplant them into the field (as seen in the video). After that, it takes about a few years for the newly planted coffee tree to start bearing the coffee cherries, so our farmers keep a steady rotation of new and old plantations.

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Time to Harvest

There is typically one major harvest a year that is entirely purchased by Guadalupe Roastery. During the harvest our farmers hand select the cherries that have completely turned red (and have no defects). For the best quality coffee, coffee cherries must first be pulped and then fermented, before drying them under the sun.

Sorting and Washing

First the coffee is separated into “specialty grade coffee” and “common grade” the speciality grade coffee is then separated for Guadalupe Roastery. Those beans are then continuously racked to prevent spoilage. This process is then be repeated until the moisture of the cherries is just right.

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Drying and Packaging

After the Guadalupe beans are washed, they are spread out over our drying fields where they sit in the sun all day. Once the pre-drying process is completed, the beans are brought in for further treatment. In this drying process, coffee beans are dried down to a 50-30% moisture level.

Our Shipping Process

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Welcome To The
Dry Mill

The dry mill is where the beans are packaged into burlap bags that are over 100 lbs! With sacks weighing that much, all the farmers in Nicaragua come together as a team to load up the truck, where the beans will then be shipped to North America. 

Loading The Container

Once the sacks are filled, it takes a lot of muscle to fit it all in the container. With all hands on deck, this hardworking team of farmers will load up the container just in time to ship to America. Once the container is all loaded, it will head out up north to our roasting facility in Immokalee, FL. 

Our Mission

To be an example to the world of what it truly means to support the Common Good, which, is defined as the sum total of social conditions that allow people, either as groups or as individuals, to reach their fulfillment in its entirety. Our role in the common good can be seen through the establishment direct relationships that benefit farmers, families, and communities, being good stewards of the earth by continuously striving for sustainability, and supporting good culture through beauty.

The Guadalupe Team

Meet The Guad Squad

Meet the hardworking and dedicated team of Guadalupe  Roastery – we believe in collaboration, teamwork, the promotion of the Common Good and most of all supporting our farming families in South and Central America! Our team is from all over the country, which allows us to provide Coast to Coast coverage for all of our customers. We hope you recognize a familiar face, but if not we would love to get to know you better!

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