Frequently Asked Questions

Where does coffee come from?

Coffee comes from the coffee bean plant, which is a small shrub or bush that produces a bright red fruit, similar to a cherry or grape. The "cherries" are harvested by hand and selectively picked to ensure only the ripe ones are removed. In each cherry there are two beans. After the picking, the cherries are dried and processed through a separator to remove the pulp in skin. They are then transferred to large water-filled fermentation tanks where they await drying for a second time. After they are dried, they are milled and packaged to be shipped to our roasting facilities in Southwest Florida! 

Can coffee go bad?

Yes and no. We roast every order of coffee to order, which means that when you receive a bag of Guadalupe Coffee, it is as fresh as you can get it. Coffee can lose its flavor and character if it is stored for too long. For whole bean, we recommend a maximum shelf life of 3 months for optimal quality. For pre-ground coffee, we recommend a shelf life of 1 month before the quality starts to decline. 

Does light roast coffee have more caffeine than dark roast?

This has been a common myth in the coffee community. The truth behind this misconception is that the caffeine levels across various different roasts are fairly constant. Light roast or dark roast, the caffeine levels tend to be the same. If you want more caffeine, simply increase the quantity of grounds you put in your coffee maker!

Do you really import directly from farmers?

We have been blessed to have formed a great relationship with our Nicaraguan farmers, Rolyn and Lorena Garcia. As of right now, our Nicaraguan origin is the only varietal that is truly directly sourced. However, we are currently striving to build relationships with other farmers around the world to bring you the most directly sourced cup of coffee. In order to remain competitive and offer our customers more variety, we offer other origins which we receive from a reputable bean supplier. 

How does it get from the bean to my cup?

Once the green coffee beans are sent to our facility in Southwest FL, they are roasted to order. When we receive an order, we weigh the beans by hand and transfer them to the roaster. Our roasting staff will then monitor the process to ensure proper heat is applied and the specific roasting parameters are met. Once the beans are roasted to full capacity, they are air cooled and prepared for packaging. 

Which coffee origin should I buy?

Funny you should ask! It all depends on what you like! Be sure to read our product descriptions and when all else fails, go with our signature variety - Nicaraguan!

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