It all started with a young man’s missionary spirit and love for coffee. In 2008, he began selling coffee door-to-door to help raise funds for a mission trip to Honduras. While in Honduras, along with his missionary work, he worked on a local coffee farm as a bean picker. It has since been his dream to start a coffee cooperative in order to help create jobs and provide a living wage for poor coffee farmers and the hired pickers, sorters, and packagers of the coffee.

In 2015, the dream began to be realized. After years of discussions and planning, the Fassbender family finally purchased their first coffee roaster and began roasting coffee on their lanai. They held their first coffee tasting in early 2016, having their coffee compete with a Starbucks brew. Friends tasted blindly and each chose their favorite. The overwhelming majority chose one of Guadalupe Roastery’s coffees over Starbucks.

Confident they could produce a consistently superior coffee, they started a website and began selling their coffee.

The local coffee house, The Bean of Ave Maria, began purchasing their dark roast to brew and sell. The Fassbenders used their new venture to help send funds to Guadalupe Gardens mission in Nicaragua, a beloved mission site of many of the Ave Maria youth. They also helped the local youth raise funds for summer mission trips to Guadalupe Gardens. They hope to continue to inspire in the youth a desire to pursue their own business ventures and to realize their specific God-given mission.

They hired their first employee in September of 2016, Andrew, a good family friend of the Fassbenders, who at the time was also a graduate student at Ave Maria University. He has been instrumental in helping the roastery grow and develop.

With a resolution in 2017 to take the coffee roasting industry by storm and get closer to the ultimate goal of starting a coffee cooperative, the Fassbenders purchased their second coffee roaster, this time a much larger one which is housed in commercial space in Immokalee, FL. With the ability to produce much more coffee in less time, they now have the freedom to pursue contracts with local markets, Food and Thought in Naples, FL being the first. You’ll be able to purchase Guadalupe Roastery coffee in their organic supermarket by April 2017.

Farmers markets, coffee houses, bakeries and restaurants are next on their list. But they won’t stop there! They want Guadalupe Roastery to became a household name in all of Southwest Florida and in their native town of Northeast Wisconsin – no, scratch that – in every town, in every state of this great country!

They also want to have a relationship with every person who helps produce their product from the planting of the seed to the picking, sorting, packaging, and roasting. We invite you to please join them in this venture by purchasing some coffee today and sharing their story with your family and friends!