Well, it’s week two of my blogging resolution and honestly, there is so much brewing at Guadalupe Roastery that I can hardly keep it all straight. Many things are in the infancy stages right now and we’ll have to keep those under wraps for the time being, but there are two things I can assure you of:

1. There will be more media coming your way!

Why more media?

First off, it’s super fun!

Secondly, we can tell you how we’re different from other coffee companies, but it’s much more effective (and way cooler) to show you!

And lastly, we’ve discovered that there are so many artistic, creative, and professional visionaries in our own backyard. We couldn’t possibly pass up the opportunity to put their gifts and talents into action.

We’re excited to show you what they’ve been working on – hopefully soon!

If you haven’t seen the first few productions we’ve released, you ought to check them out. The first was a short documentary detailing our relationship with a farming family in Nicaragua and their hired workers. It’s a beautifully done film by Travis Ratcliff. Check it out here:


The second was a video produced by a local Ave Maria resident and friend, Gregg Clemons. It focuses on the coffee club – what it is and how it works. Check it out here:


We’d like to thank both of them for all of their hard work and for sharing their gifts with us.

2. We are looking to expand our distribution beyond the continental U.S.

Canada, we’re coming for ya!

I’m really hoping this will include a family road trip! Daunting idea with three kids four and under, I know, but it’s also super exciting.

And while our neighbors to the north with likely be the first, they will not be the last to see GR set up shop. Brad already has his sights set on a few other locations. I’ll leave it at that for fear I’m inducing unnecessary anxiety for our family members who might be reading this. 🙂

Of course, I will also say that “Home-Sweet-Wisconsin” is ever on the radar screen. We’d love to see a studio and a roasting room be built in our home state, along with a place for us to live – whether it be temporary or long-term.

All of this means we’ve pretty much solidified our decision to homeschool our oldest child who will be in kindergarten this coming school year. We know it’s not the conventional choice, but we’re not real conventional people. 😉

Even without the prospect of family travel, we think homeschool is the best option for Philomena – at least at this stage of her life.

So, while that in itself is a lot brewing, there is so much more.

Andrew has some big things going on in the background too, but I’m not at liberty to share the details…yet.

What’s brewing in your world? Share with us at https://www.facebook.com/GuadalupeRoastery/

It also has occurred to me that many of you reading this have no idea who we are or how we got to this point, so next week I’ll do more of a “where we’ve been” type blog post instead of a “where we’re going” one. It will give a glimpse into our journey up until this point. It’s a long story, but I’ll try to highlight only the best parts.

That’s it for now.

I need a refill of my Nicaragua Roast!

Fuel up and make it a good day,


wife/mother/blogger/coffee aficionado